SOME THINGS TO REMEMBER IN BUILDING.

     Please note that that area, volume, site restrictions or requirements, materials, inflation/ deflation all have an impact on price. Remember if you want more it costs more.  If the client desires more than he is aable to afford at the present time then it is best to consider a staged development.

and additions are more expensive per sq m than building anew. Such that it is generally uneconomic to add an extension to a house greater than one third of the size of the original home.

The greater the floor area the greater the cost.

The greater the volumn i.e the height, the greater the cost.

The greater the complexity the greater the cost.

The better the materials the higher the cost. Cheap materials generally have to be
replaced sometime during the lifetime of the house.

The better the materials the higher the initial cost but the lower the long term cost.

The better the design and the higher the quality the greater the satisfaction.

Generally speaking the worst use of land is to build in the centre of it.

Landscaped land greatly increases its amenity and can be like outdoor rooms.

Indoor, outdoor areas can be the most used areas in the house but cost the least.

Poor aspect greatly reduces the usability of a house.


         The designer is paid to make decisions. Each decision involves time with the application of the designer’s studies and experience. Good decisions are dependent not only on his ability but upon he information given to the designer. Good decisions result in the spending of your money effectively by giving you the best building for any given situation. Each decision must be paid for. You pay as you go. This can be a very effective way to minimize costs in the design process. Please note that 10% of final construction costs is the accepted fee for an Architect's design. It is broken up into design 3%,
documentation 4% and inspection of construction work 3%.  This service will greatly reduce that while still giving you an ndividually designed home, multiple dwelling units or factory, as you desire. Here you only pay for actual time the designer is working on the design. You will be able to view the design work at all times and add imput as you desire. You will be able to comment as it is being designed and add your own sketches. You can also send pertinate photographs to us at any time.